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English Oral Exam Workshop

November 7, 2015 Events

Preparing for the HKDSE English Oral exam is an important hurdle to overcome for a Hong Kong Secondary school student. Being an Exam that is all about Conversations sounds like an ‘easy walk in the park’ to most of us. However, it poses a seemingly unsurmountable task for many locals teenager in Hong Kong. Lacking actual conversations in real life with their friends and within their families and thus with minimal exposure to conversational English –and even sometimes to any English – AkarakA Hong Kong engaged with locally-based “Principal Chan Free Tutorial Word” to run a full day workshop about English conversations.

Using the former years’ actual English Oral Exams, we took the students by the hand and engaged them in English conversations and gave guidance to improve. An educative session well received by the students as it boosted their confidence in their capabilities and brought them a step further in passing that important high school Exam.