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Laugh Out Loud! Comedy Night – 4th and counting! / Akaraka


4th in a row! On November 8 2018, AkarakA Hong Kong hosted its annual “Laugh Out Loud” Comedy Night at the Champs Bar in Charterhouse Hotel, Wan Chai.

Jami Gong from Hong Kong’s premier comedy club TakeOut Comedy and his team of 4 comedians did another fantastic job entertaining a full house of AkarakA supporters – from first timers to recurring guests.  

The night was not only about comedy and fundraising, but also an opportunity to celebrate our achievements in helping young adults getting their formal education. We presented a video from partner UpLift Philippines, mentioned our ongoing support locally via Po Leung Kuk and introduced our planned engagement with the Christina Noble Foundation in Mongolia.

After the presentations, Jamie and the comedians took stage one by one and put up a great show. Mostly touching on topics of daily life in Hong Kong (which everybody could relate to!), they earned lots of laughter from the audience: from giggles to belly laughs and, in some instances, tears.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jami Gong, Benjamin Quinlan, Garron Chiu, Ryan Hynek and Maitreyi Karanth  They played a vital role in enabling AkarakA HK to be able to raise north of HKD33k from ticket sales and on-site donations, which will help tremendously towards funding our projects.

A lot of thanks to all who joined us and support our cause. We really appreciate it


Round 3!

On October 12th ,2017, AkarakA Hong Kong successfully hosted its annual “Laugh Out Loud” Comedy Night for the third consecutive year partnering once again with Jami Gong and his team from Hong Kong’s premier comedy club TakeOut Comedy. It was another full house at the Champs Bar in Charterhouse Hotel, Wan Chai with some hotel guests coming in as walk-ins and enjoying the night. We raised a total of HKD 23 k from ticket sales and on-site donations which will go a long way to fund our projects.

The night was just not about comedy and fundraising but also celebrated the achievements we had on helping young adults in getting their formal education. A special guest, Kaur Arashdeep one of the recipients of the PLK scholarship which AkarakA is sponsoring, started out the night with a few words of appreciation and shared her experience on how the scholarship has helped her further her tertiary studies. AkarakA also provided some updates on the other charity partners we have abroad. We presented a video from partner UpLift Philippines on the recent graduating scholars that AkarakA has started to work with on 2017.

After the presentations, there was an outpouring of laughter from the night’s lineup of comedians. Jami Gong, Benjamin Quinlan, Garron Chiu, Mahesh Mansigani and Tamby Chan made sure there were no silence in the crowd touching on topics such as life in Hong Kong and even made a swipe on bankers who mostly made up the audience.

A lot of thanks to all who joined us in 2017 and we hope to continue this tradition in the years to come.


In partnership with Deutsche Bank’s GTB and COO Diversity streams, AkarakA HK held a diversity-themed Pub Quiz on June 29, 2017. Six teams vied for the prize of a W-Hotel Lunch Buffet and Team “We Know Everything” proved to be the best with a very narrow lead of just one point. The event was a fun nigh and great opportunity for AkarakA HK to raise awareness of its cause and different projects it has been doing for the past year. AkarakA showcased the support it has given to different partner organizations in Hong Kong and also abroad.  We are grateful for all the donations made at the event that further helps us to continue on our educational sponsoring journey.