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Christmas Bazaar 2016 / Akaraka

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November 25, 2016 Events

On November 25th 2016, AkarakA HK participated in Deutsche Bank Hong Kong’s annual Christmas Bazaar. This year’s stall featured again a variety of highly coveted cupcakes as well as two Christmas Hampers that were up for grabs for the winners of our Christmas raffle .

We at AkarakA HK again appreciated this opportunity as it permitted us to further raise our profile . It also allowed colleagues of Deutsche Bank Hong Kong to learn more about the cause, as well as, of course, helping with their Christmas shopping. Hence we look forward to making use of this opportunity annually. With the help of our very generous colleagues, we were able to raise more than HKD 16,000 during the Christmas Bazaar – a terrific sum that further enables AkarakA HK to continue helping under-privileged children and young adults secure a formal education.


After the huge success of the inaugural event last year, AkarakA Hong Kong hosted another “Laugh Out Loud! “- Comedy Night on July 21st. Repeating a winning formula, we teamed up with Jamie and his fellow comedians from Hong Kong’s leading comedy club “TakeOut Comedy”, keeping Champs Bar at The Charterhouse hotel in Wan Chai as our location of choice.
Having sold 115 tickets the guaranteed full house anxiously waited for the 5 comedians and these guys lived up to the expectations and provided a great evening of entertainment.
At the end of the evening we raised HKD 25,000 net from ticket sales and further donations from the attendees. A fantastic amount that we can put directly into good use as AkarakA Hong Kong will use these funds to sponsor a student in Hong Kong for his or her higher education from September/October onwards. Stay tuned for more info about this later this year.

Big thanks to all attendees and the comedians (Jamie, Garron, Pete, Vivek and Ben) for making this fund raising event such a success.

Trust that we will back for Round 3 in 2017!

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At AkarakA, we always aspire to be supportive and inspirational to the local community by creating meaningful educational events. On May 22, 2016, AkarakA teamed up with local Hong Kong NGO "Project SHARE" and spent a day with a few of their secondary school teenagers who mostly come from backgrounds with little to no exposure with corporate jobs requiring higher ...

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December 27, 2015 Events

On November 27th, 2015 AkarakA HK participated in Deutsche Bank Hong Kong’s annual Christmas Bazaar. This event attracted a high turn-out and there was evident enthusiasm for the items available from the AkarakA stand, ranging from Sports gear to Cupcakes to gift baskets.

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Preparing for the HKDSE English Oral exam is an important hurdle to overcome for a Hong Kong Secondary school student. Being an Exam that is all about Conversations sounds like an ‘easy walk in the park’ to most of us. However, it poses a seemingly unsurmountable task for many locals teenager in Hong Kong...

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AkarakA hosted its first comedy fundraising event Laugh Out Loud! Comedy Night in collaboration with “TakeOut Comedy”, a leading comedy club in Hong Kong, on 30<sup>th</sup> July 2015.  The event was hosted in Champs Bar at The Charterhouse hotel in Wan Chai...