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Education has the power to change lives. It is fundamental to personal development and societal growth. Yet many children and young adults in poor communities lack resources to seek a proper education.
In other parts of the world, there are individuals who have done well in life and are looking to help those less fortunate.

Are you one of them, too? Are you interested and willing to change that and make a difference to bridge this gap? Then we at AkarakA Hong Kong are awaiting you with open arms.
AkarakA was founded to provide a secure and trusted platform to directly give support to under-privileged children and young adults; specifically, to secure for them a formal education. At AkarakA, we believe that education is an important cornerstone to eradicating many of the world’s problems. Education provides young adults with opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge, and to be purposeful contributors to their own communities.

Come join us. Be part of the movement and help make that change.

For getting in contact , please see under ‘ Contact Us’ or directly write us an email to akaraka.hk@gmail.com.